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[FALLOUT] Ross Lavette by Shungie [FALLOUT] Ross Lavette by Shungie

Meet Ross Levette, younger brother of the Fallout 4 couple I have yet to name.

Before the bombs fell Ross was a dedicated dog trainer from Connecticut. He went up to Boston to visit his military brother and meet his infant nephew, Shaun. Unfortunately, the bombs fell that same day and Ross never met Shaun. His ghoulification began shortly after.

As a ghoul, he resides in the Underworld. A quiet and reserved man, Ross prefers the company of his dogs who have proven to be less judgmental of his appearance compared to the “smoothskins.” He currently tames, train, breed and raise dogs for the people of the Underworld. Rarely does he ever sell his dogs to outlanders, especially wastelanders who’d sooner eat his friends than care for it. He currently has three dogs he’ll never sell:

Blue (the pup he’s holding) is a female puppy that reminds him of the dog he had before the bombs fell.

Stella (the brown dog sitting behind him) Ross found her while he was travelling to D.C. once he heard of a place that welcomed Ghouls. Stella was caught in a trap which Ross released her from and promptly cared to her injuries. She’s very shy and is practically glued to Ross, whimpering whenever he’s not in her vision.

Rusty is Ross’ guard dog. A 3-year old shepherd-husky mix, Rusty can be seen sitting vigilantly outside of Ross’ “home” (its really just an old vanity store that Ross configured to look livable). When he’s not busy working, he can be seen sleeping or playing with Blue.

Before the bombs fell, Ross cared a lot about his hair maybe just a little too much. When he began losing his luscious mane he began collecting the pieces and gluing them to his head. He altered his hairstyle of course and is basically wearing a hair extension/wig. He is secretly very, very vain.

He's also open for some good ol' Fallout RP shenanigans on my Tumblr here!

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